Durashield is a complete range of high quality and market leading shading products to keep you cool and most importantly protected. Best of all, Durashield products are all treated with Sunshield UVI treatment which protects you and your family from both UVA and UVB rays.

Durashield shade sails are ideal to put over your outdoor entertaining area, the kids outdoor play area, pool areas or even to protect your car from the summer rays. Shade cloth is ideal for pergolas and can also be used for sun protection in your vegetable garden.

The Durashield range also contains a large range of marine grade accessories especially made for shade product applications so you can be sure everything you need to install your shade solution is available in the one place. And installing is made simple with the detailed installation instructions that come with every Durashield product. Simply measure the area you would like to cover, identify suitable fixing points and you will be bathing in shade in no time at all.

Find out more about our high quality range here.


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